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Zantac Cancer Trials Are In Discovery To Begin In October 2022

Scientific evidence will determine whether or not ranitidine is unstable

Tuesday, July 19, 2022 - More than 2000 cases against Sanofi, the maker of Zantac have been grouped into multidistrict litigation (MDL) and bellwether trials are slated to begin this fall. People who have developed cancer of the gastrointestinal tract, stomach, bladder, etc, and have used Zantac regularly should contact a Zantac heartburn medicine cancer lawyer to see if they qualify to join the plaintiffs' group. MDL is not a class action lawsuit as the outcomes for each individual will vary jury by jury. Each case in MDL is tried separately. The MDL serves to avoid repeating routine court procedures like discover thousands of times. More importantly, the MDL judge usually holds Daubert hearings where each side brings forth the scientific expert witnesses they intend to call. The MDL judge with great deliberation decides which experts are the most credible and which one's testimony does not hold water. It should be noted that it is still up to a jury to weigh which experts they believe and each case's outcome could differ. In a class action, when one wins they all win. Also of note, according to, is that the current Zantac MDL is going on its fourth year. About 2000 cases are currently in MDL, however, more than 125,000 individuals have lined up to file a lawsuit. Individuals that want to join the Zantac lawsuits must be able to show a cancer diagnosis from an oncologist and also prove they have taken Zantac at least once per week for at least one year. Evidence of having taken Zantac could be drugstore receipts that list the medicine, pharmacy records for those who have been prescribed the drug, or medical records from the doctor who prescribed Zantac to the patient. Most Zantac cancer plaintiffs are those with cancer of the stomach, esophageal, bladder, liver, and pancreatic, according to Forbes. There is a 20-year statute of limitations from the time one began taking Zantac to the time of their cancer diagnosis. As a Zantac cancer plaintiff, one may seek reimbursement for medical and funeral expenses if applicable, lost wages from being unable to work at their job, occupation, or profession, and pain and suffering. Zantac cancer plaintiffs have reported having to have surgery and undergo painful and debilitation chemotherapy that has resulted in being unable to enjoy life any further.

Zantac ranitidine was tested by fledgling startup, online prescription drug testing laboratory Valisure Inc., several years ago and found to have degraded into highly elevated levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) a carcinogen used years ago by scientists to induce cancer tumors in laboratory animals. NDMA is also a by-product of jet fuel. Valisure CEO David Light's testimony is sure to be featured by plaintiff attorneys when the first of several bellwether trials begin in October 2022. Light is on record as alleging that ranitidine is an "inherently unstable" molecule and may degrade into NDMA under conditions of overheating or coming into contact with stomach acids. According to a report in Scientific American (SA), the FDA failed to confirm Valisure's ranitidine assessment, criticizing the method that Valisure used to test ranitidine samples. "these high levels may have been a result of the testing method Valisure used, which involves heating the sample. "That method is not suitable for testing ranitidine because heating the sample generates NDMA," the FDA said in its Oct. 2 statement," according to SA.

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