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Zantac Lawsuit News

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Heartburn Drug Manufacturer Sanofi Could Be Forced To Regularly Test Zantac For Carcinogens | 10/16/2020

Measures have been put in place in Canada that could serve to guide the US FDA to require ongoing ranitidine testing...READ MORE

Researchers Continue to Struggle To Determine Why Zantac Could Cause Cancer | 10/12/2020

There are still more questions than answers surrounding Zantac NDMA and how levels of the carcinogen skyrocketed...READ MORE

Popular Zantac Alternative Drugs May Cause Type-2 Diabetes | 10/10/2020

Just when you thought nothing bad would happen if you switched heartburn medicines, PPI drugs have become linked to developing diabetes ...READ MORE

Tens Of Millions of Zantac Users May Develop Cancer | 10/7/2020

Plaintiffs are looking for answers from private medical and scientific experts, not the FDA or Sanofi...READ MORE

Online Medical Experts Offer Advice On Dealing With Zantac Recall | 10/6/2020

With all ranitidine banned in the US and most countries abroad, millions of people need a lifestyle change and legal help from doctors and lawyers respectively...READ MORE

Sanofi May Have Known For Years That Zantac Could Cause Cancer | 10/5/2020

The company pocket billions in profits and may have ignored their responsibility for public health safety...READ MORE

Thousands of Former Zantac User Fear Cancer Diagnosis in Their Future | 10/1/2020

A Zantac cancer diagnosis of the stomach, bladder, or esophagus is a frightening proposition and affects every segment of life...READ MORE

Stomach Cancer Could Have Been Easily Treatable If Sanofi Warned of Zantac Cancer Sooner | 9/30/2020

Plaintiffs are infuriated that Sanofi allegedly covered-up what they knew about Zantac cancer...READ MORE

Administrative Procedures Organized in Lawsuits That Claim Zantac Caused Cancer | 9/28/2020

Thousands of plaintiffs may file lawsuits against Sanofi when informed of the results of the first bellwether trial...READ MORE

Sanofi May Have Had An Obligation To Know That Zantac Could Cause Cancer | 9/24/2020

How far can a pharmaceutical company rely on the ability of the FDA to watch over post-market health issues?...READ MORE

Taking Zantac Was An Elective Decision Not A Medical Necessity | 9/23/2020

Doctors are warned to monitor the kidney health of those that have switched from Zantac to PPI drugs like Nexium, Prilosec, and Prevacid...READ MORE

Many Zantac Users Fear Stomach Cancer From Taking The Drug | 9/22/2020

Zantac allegedly causes many different types of cancer, but stomach cancer may be the most common...READ MORE

Many Zantac Users Fear Stomach Cancer From Taking The Drug | 9/21/2020

Zantac allegedly causes many different types of cancer, but stomach cancer may be the most common...READ MORE

Millions Were Left With Heartburn and Acid-Reflux Pain When Ranitidine (Zantac) Was Recalled | 9/17/2020

Here are a few more recommendations on how to cope with heartburn and acid reflux in the wake of the Zantac antacid recall...READ MORE

Zantac Patients Are Advised Not To Abuse Their New PPI Drugs | 9/15/2020

Zantac users have switched to Prilosec, Nexium, and other PPI drugs that may have dangerous side effects also...READ MORE

Plaintiffs Blame Zantac For Causing Colon Cancer | 9/14/2020

Online testing pharmacy Valisure found NDMA levels thousands of times higher than the level the FDA deemed safe...READ MORE

Government Health Officials in The US and Canada Worry Zantac Cancer Could Affect Millions | 9/9/2020

Zantac users are filing suit alleging that the manufacturer of the heartburn medicine was obligated to warn them of the cancer risks...READ MORE

Zantac Prostate Cancer Has Men That Used Zantac Worried | 9/7/2020

Zantac may be more likely to blame for prostate cancer than spicey foods and processed meats...READ MORE

Zantac Cancer Contamination Could Occur In the Body | 8/31/2020

Scientists and government regulators are concerned that Zantac could have become carcinogenic after it was ingested...READ MORE

Zantac Users Have Alternative Treatments That Diabetics and Others May Not | 8/29/2020

The FDA may not be able to issue a drug recall because creating a shortage of the drug might harm more people than the drug defect itself...READ MORE

Zantac Users Patiently Await Answers About Zantac Cancer | 8/26/2020

Valisure testing pharmacy may have caused NDMA to increase by their testing...READ MORE

Studies Find NDMA Increases For More Reasons Than High Temperatures Alone | 8/24/2020

Cancer-causing NDMA may increase when Zantac is stored at high temperatures, high humidity, and exposure to the air...READ MORE

Understanding The Science of Zantac Breast Cancer | 8/15/2020

Court cases in the months to come could focus on the scientific evidence that Zantac (ranitidine) increases the risks of breast cancer...READ MORE

Previous Zantac Users Should Make Lifestyle Changes | 8/12/2020

So much has changed this year from last year including the diet that led to heartburn...READ MORE

Women Are Alarmed That Zantac May Cause Breast Cancer | 8/11/2020

Zantac breast cancer plaintiffs cite a notable scientific study that made clear the risks ranitidine carried for developing breast cancer...READ MORE

Removing Zantac From The Market Could Lead To People Developing Esophageal Cancer | 8/10/2020

Heartburn and acid reflux can cause stomach acid to repeatedly burn the delicate, unprotected tissues of the esophagus causing irritation that could lead to cancer...READ MORE

Alternative FDA Testing Methods Did Not Find Zantac To Be Dangerous | 8/6/2020

Heating ranitidine to high temperature during Valisure's testing may have produced false NDMA readings according to the US Food and Drug Administration...READ MORE

An Online Testing Pharmacy May Have Jumped The Gun When Reporting Dangerous NDMA Levels | 8/5/2020

Lawsuits ignore Valisure's allegedly faulty testing methods...READ MORE

Valisure's Testing Methods May Be Flawed And The Cause Of The Spike in NDMA | 8/3/2020

Sanofi scientists think Valisure's ranitidine tests themselves may be the cause of increases in N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) linked to cancer...READ MORE

Experts Are Trying To Understand NDMA | 7/31/2020

High levels of NDMA, a known carcinogen, may be responsible for thousands of cancer deaths...READ MORE

Online Testing Pharmacy May Have Saved Millions From Zantac Cancer | 7/30/2020

Companies like Sanofi, the maker of Zantac, do little or nothing to ensure their drug's safety after receiving initial FDA approval...READ MORE

The FDA Falls Short in Zantac Cancer Testing | 7/28/2020

How many other drugs whose safety we take for granted may cause cancer and are on the market? ...READ MORE

Zantac Cancer May Be America's Next Public Health Crisis | 7/22/2020

Millions of Americans could be walking around with an alleged Zantac cancer time bomb inside of them given the disease's 20 plus year latency period...READ MORE

Cancer's Latency Could Drive Zantac Cancer Claims For Years | 7/20/2020

An FDA statement on the levels of a carcinogen found in Zantac may necessitate that no other conclusion...READ MORE

Online Experts Warn Of The Dangers of Developing Zantac Cancer | 7/14/2020

Until more is known for sure about the exact levels of NDMA in Zantac, former users will have to settle with a warning...READ MORE

Zantac and Generic Ranitidine Heartburn Medicine Recalled Because of Cancer Link | 7/13/2020

Zantac has garnered headlines leading to all generic ranitidine medications being recalled...READ MORE

Former Zantac Users Have Few Options Left Other Than Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle | 7/10/2020

Zantac cancer victims continue to file lawsuits as alternative heartburn medicines may be just as dangerous...READ MORE

Zantac Alternative Medicines May Increase The Risk of Contracting The Coronavirus | 7/8/2020

A new study links protein pump blockers (PPI) with an increased risk of developing COVID19...READ MORE

Cases Are Being Consolidated Against Sanofi By Alleged Zantac Cancer Sufferers | 7/7/2020

Cancer sufferers are joining multi-district litigation and filing suit against manufacturers of blood pressure, heartburn, and diabetes drugs that contain dangerous levels of NDMA...READ MORE

Zantac Users Should Consider Safer Alternative Drugs | 7/1/2020

The FDA has issued a list of drugs they have preliminarily tested and found to be safe from elevated levels of NDMA...READ MORE

Nitrosamines NDMA Levels in Zantac Found To Be Thousands of Time Higher Than Acceptable | 6/30/2020

Zantac users may have traded heartburn and acid reflux discomfort for cancer, a far more deadly disease...READ MORE

The Zantac Cancer Scare Is Leading To Other Drug Recalls Throughout North America | 6/29/2020

Canadian health officials are concerned that diabetic drugs may have the same cancer-causing impurities as Zantac heartburn medicine...READ MORE

The Legal Process Has Started To Grind Against Heartburn Drug Manufacturers and Others | 6/24/2020

Product liability and wrongful death lawsuits are being filed accusing companies involved in manufacturing and distributing ranitidine drugs...READ MORE

Zantac Users Left Without Heartburn Medication By The Drugs Recalls | 6/22/2020

Heartburn sufferers may look to Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) and H2 Receptor drugs to replace Zantac that may cause cancer...READ MORE

Updated Guidance From The FDA Regarding Ranitidine, Zantac | 6/18/2020

Here is what is known about the ranitidine Zantac cancer recall and what consumers need to do...READ MORE

Diabetic Patients That Stop Taking Metformin Could Face Serious Health Complications | 6/16/2020

While it is inconvenient to be able no longer to find Zantac on a pharmacy's shelves, diabetic patients that have had their Metformin recalled could face serious health risks...READ MORE

Canada Follow The US And Recalls Several Diabetes Medications Over Cancer Risk | 6/15/2020

Canada has followed the lead of the United States and is pulling medicines thought to become carcinogenic from store shelves...READ MORE

It Has Been One Year Since Researchers Found a Carcinogen In Blood Pressure Medicine | 6/11/2020

In one short year, dangerously high levels of a cancer-causing substance have been found in blood pressure, heartburn, and diabetes medicines sold in the United States and Canada...READ MORE

Finding Cancer Causing Chemicals in Heartburn Drugs Like Zantac May Be Only The Beginning | 6/10/2020

The CEO of the testing company that found elevated levels of NDMA in Zantac now thinks that the entire overseas drug supply chain may be in jeopardy...READ MORE

Every Day Another Company Recalls Their Blood Pressure, Heartburn, or Diabetes Drug Due to Cancer Concerns | 6/8/2020

Consumers can now add being unable to obtain their necessary diabetes medications to their pandemic, looting, and rioting struggles...READ MORE

Zantac Cancer May Be The Impetus Needed To Bring The US Drug Manufacturing Supply Chain Home | 6/5/2020

Quality control and fraud are rampant in the overseas drug manufacturing process and virtually impossible to monitor ...READ MORE

Heartburn, Diabetes, and Blood Pressure Drugs May Contain Dangerously High Levels of a Carcinogen Called NDMA | 6/4/2020

Overseas manufacturers in China and elsewhere may at the root of the epidemic of various types of cancer from taking these medications...READ MORE

The FDA Is Forcing Some Diabetic Drug Manufacturers to Pull Their Type 2 Products From Store Shelves | 6/1/2020

Like Zantac before it, diabetic drugs may contain elevated levels of NDMA a cancer-inducing substance...READ MORE

The FDA May Require Stricter Regulation of Foreign Drug Manufacturers | 5/29/2020

NDMA contamination may be occurring at the foreign sources where once-popular heartburn drugs like Zantac are manufactured...READ MORE

Former Zantac Users Should Watch For Gastro-Intestinal Cancer Symptoms | 5/28/2020

Doctors fear that people that may have cancer will avoid seeking a diagnosis for fear of leaving the house and possibly the Coronavirus...READ MORE

Lawsuits Continue To Be Filed Claiming Zantac Causes Cancer | 5/26/2020

Last week it was breast cancer and now cancer of the colon can allegedly be blamed on the once popular anti-heartburn and acid reflux medication...READ MORE

Global Concerns Over Zantac Cancer | 5/19/2020

Europe has joined the US in immediately removing ranitidine (Zantac) from store shelves and banned doctors from prescribing the anti-heartburn medication...READ MORE

Breast Cancer Is The Latest Disease Allegedly Caused By Zantac | 5/18/2020

The family of a deceased Florida woman thinks their mother died of cancer caused by taking Zantac...READ MORE

Medical Expert Opinions Are Mixed About Zantac Being Carcinogenic | 5/12/2020

Health agencies all over the world are testing heartburn medications like Zantac for dangerous levels of NDMA...READ MORE

Pepcid Anti-Heartburn Drug Sought To Treat Covid19 | 5/8/2020

Researchers suspect famotidine in Pepcid could be a protease-inhibitor and an effective anti-viral drug...READ MORE

Heartburn Drugs May Be In Short Supply At Local Pharmacy | 5/6/2020

Zantac and others heartburn and acidreflux medications have been recalled because more time is needed to study their alleged cancer link...READ MORE

FDA Recommended Heartburn Drugs May Cause Kidney Failure and Osteoperosis | 5/5/2020

It appears that most drugs like Zantac, Prilosec, and others have severe side effects greater than the benefits of reducing stomach discomfort...READ MORE

Zantac Users May Want to be Checked For Gastro-Intestinal Cancers | 5/1/2020

Cancer could have developed decades ago without showing any symptoms...READ MORE

Despite Zantac's Recall Other Antacid Medication Offer Promise To Help Alleviate COVID19 | 4/28/2020

Unlike Zantac, Pepcid appears safer and could help Coronavirus patient fare better...READ MORE

Zantac is Blamed For Causing Gastric Cancer | 4/23/2020

Yet another type of cancer has been added to the list of Zantac's alleged side effects...READ MORE

Zantac Users Should Hold On To or Mail Back Unused Portions Instead Of Physically Returning The Drug | 4/20/2020

During the COVID19 pandemic, the US Food and Drug Administration Recommends that Zantac patients do not physically return unused portions of the drug unless deemed safe to do so by state officials...READ MORE

Expert Advice For Previously Heavy Zantac Users | 4/16/2020

Now that the FDA has banned the sale of Zantac and recommended users stop taking the medication, millions of Americans are looking for heartburn and acid-reflux advice...READ MORE

Making Simple Dietary Changes Can Replace The Need For Antacids | 4/15/2020

Retail giants Walgreen, Walmart, Rite Aid, and CVS removed Zantac and other over the counter antacid drugs from store shelves when it was revealed that users were likely to develop stomach or bladder cancer from taking the drug ...READ MORE

Lawsuit Alleges Zantac Caused Plaintiff's Colon Cancer | 4/13/2020

Add colon and colorectal cancer to the list of diseases that allegedly have been caused by the popular heartburn medicine...READ MORE

Cancer-Causing Compound Leads to Diabetes Drug Recalls | 4/10/2020

The compound NDMA is given to laboratory test animals to induce tumors...READ MORE

Lawsuits Are Being Considered By Heartburn Drug Cancer Victims | 4/9/2020

One by one, manufacturers of over the counter and prescription heartburn medication are recalling their products because they contain deadly amounts of a cancer-causing substance ...READ MORE

Lawsuits Have Been Filed After Tests Show Triple the Allowable Levels of NDMA in Antacid drugs | 4/8/2020

One tablet of acid-reflux medication can be the cancer equivalent of smoking a carton or more of cigarettes...READ MORE

Popular Over-The-Counter Heartburn Pills May Cause Stomach Cancer | 4/7/2020

Here's what to expect if you have relied on heartburn medication and have the symptoms of stomach cancer ...READ MORE

Popular Anti-acid Drugs May Contain a Compound That is Proven To Cause Cancer | 4/6/2020

Over 60 million Americans that take anti-acid reflux medications may be at risk of having developed stomach or bladder cancer...READ MORE

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