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Estates of the Desceased Can File a Zantac Cancer Lawsuit

It is hard to know how many people have died from cancer after using Zantac regularly for an extended number of years

Thursday, January 21, 2021 - Stomach, bladder, and other cancer have a latency period of about 10 years before one starts to feel the painful symptoms of the disease and realize they have a problem. The only way to tell how many people have allegedly died from taking Zantac may be to count the number of estates that file suit against Sanofi, the maker of Zantac, claiming a loved one died allegedly as a result. Zantac has been for sale for more than 20 years and was the best-selling heartburn and acid reflux medicine available by prescription and over the counter. Zantac was recalled by the FDA, as were all other brands of ranitidine on April 1, 2020, after elevated levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a cancer-causing compound, were discovered. NDMA is a known carcinogen and banned in the US. The FDA has been aware that ranitidine contained NDMA for decades and put a cap of 96 NGS per tablet as being safe. Online testing pharmacy Valisure found elevated NDMA in every Zantac test they performed, and over 3 million NGS in some.

Another alleged Zantac death was added to the over 500 current lawsuits filed by the loved ones of those who have died. According to NewYorkExaminer, "A Louisiana woman has filed a new Zantac lawsuit in the Superior Court of the State of Delaware. As the heir and surviving spouse of the deceased plaintiff, she claims that Zantac is unreasonably dangerous and caused the death of her spouse. According to her complaint, the decedent purchased and ingested Zantac (ranitidine), which was manufactured, marketed, and sold by the defendants. The plaintiff claims that as a result of taking the stomach acid-reducing drug, her husband developed cancer and died."

Cases like the one above have been gathered together from each state and consolidated into multidistrict litigation in federal court. The purpose of grouping them is to streamline repetitive court proceedings such as discovery. A federal judge is expected to hold Daubert hearings soon to get to the bottom of the cause or causes that make Zantac carcinogenic. Experts believe that ranitidine may be unstable and deteriorate without any other reason like interacting with stomach nitrates or being stored at higher than average room temperatures. Thousands of plaintiffs, many of whom will be the estates of those who have died, will file lawsuits in the months to come. If you or a loved one have died from cancer and had taken Zantac regularly you could have a case to file a claim seeking lump-sum monetary damages.

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