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Study Finds Ranitidine Degrades Into 10,000 Nanograms of NDMA When Introduced To Simulated Stomach Conditions

The study indicates NDMA increases far above the 96 nanograms per day limit when exposed to stomach temperatures, ph levels, and the nitrates one has recently ingested

Wednesday, April 6, 2022 - Millions of Americans appear to have been repeatedly exposed to carcinogenic levels of NDMA every time they took a Zantac to alleviate their heartburn and acid reflux pain. Researchers now believe that not only does the ranitidine molecule degenerate to form N-nitrosodimethylamine when heated to extreme temperatures, but also that the molecule may become highly carcinogenic when exposed to the normal 98.6-degree body temperature, acids in the stomach, and the types of food one have eaten. Nitrates are preservatives in processed meats, cheese, and other deli-type foods (ironically food that causes indigestion that leaves a person scrambling for a Zantac in the first place.) Thousand of Heartburn medicine cancer lawsuits have been filed accusing Sanofi, the maker of the heartburn and acid reflux medicine, of knowing and misrepresenting the cancer risks of taking Zantac. The

Online prescription drug testing pharmacy Valisure accidentally found levels of NDMA "orders of magnitude" higher than the 96 nanograms per tablet that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deemed to be acceptable. The FDA tested ranitidine using temperatures that could be expected when transporting or storing Zantac and found levels nowhere near as high as Valisure high-temperature testing. Exposing ranitidine to stomach conditions, however, causes alarmingly high levels of the carcinogen. The most recent study of the degeneration of ranitidine when exposed to temperatures and ph levels in the stomach suggests that everyone who took Zantac regularly for more than one year was at risk of developing cancer. A study, certain to come to be known as definitive on the subject performed by Emery Pharma and reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) revealed that ranitidine is an unstable molecule and exposing it to stomach temperatures causes it to degrade to levels of NDMA that are thousands of times higher than the FDA limits. The Bronstein study found that increasing the amounts of nitrates, the preservative chemical found in hot dogs, processed meats, etc., cause NDMA levels to accelerate. According to JAMA, "This suggests that when nitrogenous products are in the stomach at the same time as ranitidine, there would be an accelerated generation of NDMA. Similarly, with a fixed amount of sodium nitrate (50 mmol/L), the researchers found a relationship between reducing the pH from 5.5 to 2.5 and the amount of NDMA created. The NDMA dosages created with standard doses of ranitidine were more than 10 000 ng, an alarming amount."

Zantac Lawsuits are organized on a federal level into multidistrict litigation because of the complex science underlying the plaintiff's claims. Trials could begin in October of this year in California state court before bellwether MDL trials begin in 2023. It would be easy to presume that a settlement offer may be on the horizon before then, given the incriminating evidence that scientific studies are producing.

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