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Surviving Spouses And The Children of Those Who Have Died From Cancer Are Filing Zantac Cancer Lawsuits

Sanofi earned billions of dollars in profits from selling the leading heartburn and acid reflux medicine.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - No one is disputing that elevated levels of NDMA in Zantac tablets, nor that NDMA causes cancer. Hundreds of individual lawsuits allege taking the popular antacid regularly and for more than a year caused them to develop stomach, liver, kidney, colon, prostate, bladder, and many other types of cancer of the digestive system. Zantac lawsuits are not limited to those who are suffering from cancer but also include lawsuits filed by the surviving loved ones of those who died from cancer allegedly as a result.

Online chat room conversations are full of people complaining that their spouse died. About published a comment from a woman named Janice on October 30, 2019, "My husband passed away 10-27-2019 from pancreatic cancer. Took Zantac for years for heartburn and acid reflux." Josephine wrote back a year ago on December 10, 2019. "My husband Lennie Clark died May the 20 with Liver Cancer and pancreatic cancer he did take over counter Zantac." Robert wrote, "my husband had a nephrectomy, later it has been found in his lungs and (lymph nodes) with stage 4 cancer after taking both Nexium and Zantac." Robin complained of "losing her husband at age 62 in 2011 to esophageal cancer. Being an OTR truck driver and eating in truck stops he took Zantac like eating M & M's." The survivors of those who have died from Zantac cancer also note that they have no history of cancer in their family. Martha said her husband died of pancreatic cancer in Dec 2019 at age 73, "and been taking Zantac or Ranitidine for years. His family and doctors were mystified as to the cancer origin as no one in his family for generations died from cancer and all lived well into their 90s and some 100s. Nearly all of them die from heart disease or natural causes but not one case of cancer. He had no known risk factors for cancer." And the list goes on and on.

Hundreds of cancer victims and the survivors of those that have died from the disease have hired Zantac cancer lawyers to file a claim for monetary compensation and punitive damages from Sanofi, the maker of Zantac. These stories are typical of individuals that have joined class-action ranitidine lawsuits, multidistrict litigation, or have filed an individual case against Sanofi. For over twenty years, Sanofi earned billions of dollars in profits from selling the world's leading heartburn and acid reflux medicine yet failed to inform the public of what they knew of were expected to have known about the health hazards of their product. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recalled all ranitidine products from store shelves and it is unknown when or if the product will ever return. Canada Health is requiring companies that are hoping to sell ranitidine to comply with a list of demands such as regularly testing ranitidine products taken from store shelves for NDMA and other contaminates.

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