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The Types of Zantac Cancer Identified In Multidistrict Litigation

Lawyers have filed electronic briefs outlining the types of cancer that taking Zantac has allegedly caused their clients

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 - Lawsuits against Sanofi, the maker of Zantac, the best-selling heartburn and acid reflux medicine, involves scientifically complex issues about the sources of contamination of their product. Tens of thousands of lawsuits may have nearly identical accusations, like taking Zantac regularly and for more than one year caused them to develop various types of cancer. If the trials took place one by one, expert witness testimony and thousands of hours of administrative proceedings needlessly replicated. Zantac Cancer Lawyers are interviewing prospective plaintiffs that have taken Zantac regularly for many years and have developed a wide variety of cancer.

Multidistrict litigation (MDL) seeks to streamline administrative proceedings and save the system thousands of hours of repetitive, needless work. MDL expert testimony also seeks to eliminate exaggerated and inflammatory testimony and to focus only on the science underlying the issue. MDL is not a class action lawsuit as each plaintiff's damages are taken into consideration separately or lumped into one of several large groups. A class action against Sanofi might, for example, seek to reimburse Zantac users for the cost of purchasing the drug rather than the physical injury plaintiffs had suffered. Plaintiffs in MDL might seek reimbursement for medical expenses, lost wages and punitive damages for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and the like. The first Zantac Cancer trials could begin later in 2021 but are delayed until the exact science underlying NDMA Zantac contamination is determined during the Daubert hearings.

Sanofi/Zantac Cancer Multidistrict Litigation is proceeding in the United States District Court in the State of Florida under Judge Robin L Rosenberg. A small pool of plaintiffs represents the thousands of Zantac Cancer plaintiffs for discovery. One of the first issues is the types of cancer that plaintiffs suffer. A document has been filed that lists the types of cancer as follows: "Plaintiffs' Leadership discloses the following types of cancer for which Plaintiffs' Leadership intends to provide expert reports to proceed to the general causation Daubert hearing in the MDL: bladder; breast; colorectal/intestinal; esophageal; gastric; kidney; liver; lung; pancreatic; and prostate.

Sanofi is being sued by thousands of individuals that have developed cancer allegedly from taking Zantac regularly for many years. Zantac was available over the counter and by prescription. In 2019, online testing pharmacy Valisure discovered levels of cancer-causing NDMA orders of magnitude greater than the FDA allowable threshold of 96 NGs per tablet. This led to April 1, 2020, when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned all types of ranitidine generic including Zantac. Sanofi has denied that they knew about the Zantac problem, however, the Department of Justice is conducting an investigation having accused the company of lying to the government regulators, doctors, and consumers. The DOJ seeks to find out what executives at Sanofi knew and when they knew it about Zantac cancer.

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