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Zantac Users Left Without Heartburn Medication By The Drugs Recalls

Heartburn sufferers may look to Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) and H2 Receptor drugs to replace Zantac that may cause cancer

Monday, June 22, 2020 - Hundreds of individuals have filed lawsuits claiming that Zantac, the best-selling heartburn and acid reflux medication caused them to develop cancer. Plaintiffs accuse it of causing stomach, bladder, intestinal, colorectal, kidney, prostate, breast, and virtually every other type of cancer imaginable. In 2019, Zantac was recalled, first voluntarily by its manufacturer, and more recently by FDA edict. The drug was left available in most countries to treat the nearly 60 million heartburn sufferers who chose not to take advice to improve their diet or to reduce stress in their lives. Other countries have since followed suit and decided to restrict the sale of the medicine. Those countries are Canada, Germany, France, Ireland, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia, Greece, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy, Norway and Namibia," according to DrugWatch. The ranitidine cancer scare followed the recalls of blood pressure medication and since has prompted the recalls of a multitude of diabetic drugs called metformin.

Zantac is an elective drug in most cases as environmental and lifestyle changes within one's control could alleviate heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. Individuals who have used a heartburn medicine regularly for many years and are now suffering from cancer have hired Zantac Cancer lawsuit attorneys to organize groups of plaintiffs, usually 100-200, with similar claims to file group lawsuits against Sanofi-Aventis, the maker of Zantac and other ranitidine manufacturers like Boehringer Ingelheim and Pfizer. There is also multi-district litigation where the plaintiff's claims are consolidated forming in the state of Florida. Individuals with cancer filing suit seek monetary awards for their past and future medical expenses from NDMA exposure, past and future physical and mental pain and suffering, lost wages, decreased earning capacity, loss of enjoyment of life, and punitive damages.

Zantac had been prescribed by doctors over 15 million times per year and patients are now left scrambling to find Zantac alternative medications. Now that ranitidine has been pulled from the market, acid indigestion suffers will benefit from knowing the alternatives that they have. recently published a highly informative piece on the subject of Zantac alternative written by Benjamin Duong, a medical student and freelance writer based in Dothan, Alabama. According to Duong, ex-Zantac patients should consider from a list of Proton pump inhibitor (PPI) drugs which could be even more effective than ranitidine in treating heartburn and acid reflux conditions. Duong writes "There are three PPIs that the FDA lists as alternatives to ranitidine and nizatidine: Esomeprazole (brand name Nexium), Lansoprazole (brand name Prevacid), and Omeprazole (brand name Prilosec). It's important to note that PPIs when used as Zantac replacement options, may increase the risk of gastric infections. The medications can also reduce the absorption of magnesium and vitamin B12." Duong's article warns that PPIs themselves may increase the risk of certain cancers. Duong goes on to inform that " H2 histamine receptor antagonists can be safe ranitidine replacements: Famotidine (brand name Pepcid), Cimetidine (brand name Tagamet)."

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