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Zantac 360 Famotidine May Be Saving Covid-19 Patient Lives

Famotidine's side effects of weakening the auto-immune system may help mitigate an immune system over-stimulated by the Covid-19 virus

Friday, February 4, 2022 - Much has been written about the more than 125,000 Zantac ranitidine cancer lawsuits that are pending before a New Jersey Court. What is not being reported as much, however, is that Zantac ranitidine has been replaced by Zantac 360 famotidine and that the drug may be saving the lives of Covid-19 patients. When Zantac ranitidine heartburn and acid reflux medicine was recalled and suddenly taken off of the market a couple of years ago, Sanofi, its maker, was forced to deal with the heartburn medicine cancer lawsuits, but was not going to stand by and lose the revenues on its hard-earned, billion-dollar brand. Within a year the company repackaged Zantac ranitidine as Zantac 360 famotidine, substituting ranitidine with famotidine, a heartburn drug that must be taken in advance of heartburn and acid reflux pain, a stronger and longer-lasting medication sold over the counter. Once again, Zantac is rising to the top of heartburn medicine sales charts, not because people have forgiven the company for failing to warn them of the life-threatening side effects of Zantac ranitidine, but because it turns out that famotidine by any brand name appears to be an effective treatment for Covid-19 and lessens the death rate from the virus. Pepcid is the leading brand of famotidine followed by Zantac 360. Once again, however, the makers of famotidine are having trouble keeping store shelves stocked due to off-the-charts demand for the life-saving Covid-19 treatment. While it is too early to certify that famotidine should be taken by Covid-19 patients with life-threatening symptoms, experts are excited about the early results and speaking out about the newfound efficacy of heartburn medicine. (MP) writes, "More data from observational studies, this time in hospitalized patients, indicated that famotidine (Pepcid AC), which is used to treat heartburn, was associated with improved clinical outcomes in COVID-19 patients. Use of famotidine in a small group of 83 patients was associated with a lower risk of in-hospital mortality and a combined outcome of death and intubation, reported Jeffrey Mather, MS, of Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, and colleagues." Famotidine significantly reduced deaths from Covid patients in and out of the hospital in China, and also successfully treated the symptoms of non-hospitalized patients in the United States according to MP. was equally as excited about reporting on the famotidine findings of doctors treating Covid-19 patients both in and out of the hospital. "When delivered at high doses (the equivalent of about 10 Pepcid tablets), famotidine appears to improve the odds of survival for COVID-19 patients, especially when it is combined with aspirin. It also seems to hinder the severity of disease progression, making patients less likely to reach the point where they require intubation or a ventilator."

Experts think that the reason famotidine is effective in treating Covid-19 patients is because of the "off-target" or side effects of the medicine. Covid-19 deaths usually occur due to an overstimulated immune system that winds up attacking every cell after it has eliminated the target virus cells. This is called a cytokine storm or overreaction to the virus. Famotidine side effects are credited with weakening the auto-immune system's over-response to the virus."The team's theory is that famotidine suppresses that reaction. Although it was developed with a specific purpose in mind -; blocking the histamine receptors that help produce acid in your stomach -; famotidine, like all other medications, can cause side effects. Mura and his colleagues believe that interfering with cytokine storms might be one of them."

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