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Potential Zantac Plaintiffs Must Provide A Record Of Using The Medine

There are many ways to provide proof that you have used Zantac in the past

Thursday, November 19, 2020 - Zantac was the world's most popular heartburn and acid reflux medicine before being taken off of store shelves earlier this year. As recently as 2018, approximately 15 million Americans relied on it for relief of their acid indigestion symptoms. Last year the US Food and Drug Administration recalled the medicine citing the risk that Zantac and other forms of ranitidine tablets may have developed excessive levels of NDMA, a known carcinogen. Thousands of individuals with cancer now blame the drug for allegedly causing their stomach, bladder, colon, or other forms of cancer. Legal experts estimate that tens of thousands of cases may come forward in 2021 and beyond, claiming that Sanofi failed to warn them of Zantac cancer risks.

Zantac users may be wondering if they qualify to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the drug. Many who have already filed allege that Sanofi, the maker of Zantac, failed to meet their responsibilities to tell consumers what they knew or were obligated to know about the potential health hazards of taking the drug. Individuals that intend to file a claim should first consult a Zantac Cancer Lawyer and be prepared to produce documentation to support their allegations.

A Zantac Cancer lawyer may require that you produce your pharmacy's records of your Zantac or other forms of ranitidine's purchases to prove that you used the drug. Other ways to show Zantac usage include financial receipts or personal journal notations. It can also be helpful if your insurance claims or doctor visit records indicate a history of having acid reflux, gastrointestinal disease, or acid reflux.

After one proves using Zantac regularly and for more than a year or two, one must secure the medical records of having been diagnosed with cancer. Zantac cancer victims usually hire a Zantac cancer lawyer to do the necessary legwork to secure pharmacy records, doctor's office visits, and hospital records to lay a foundation for making their case. It is important to be able to prove the frequency with which one has taken Zantac since the more one takes it, the greater the alleged chances of developing the disease. Finally, the date that one began taking Zantac is critical, as is the date of the cancer diagnosis, according to the National Law Review.

Zantac cancer litigation is not a class-action lawsuit but rather individual lawsuits that are being grouped into multidistrict litigation to avoid repetition in administrative proceedings and streamline the discovery process. In 2021 a judge will select several Zantac Cancer plaintiffs to serve as bellwether trials that will guide proceedings in the future or lay a foundation for Sanofi to settle the remaining cases out of court. Large multidistrict litigation is underway against Johnson & Johnson and Bayer/Monsanto. If you or a loved one have developed cancer after frequently using Zantac, Zantac cancer attorneys offer a no-obligation free consultation before filing a claim.

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