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An Online Testing Pharmacy May Have Jumped The Gun When Reporting Dangerous NDMA Levels

Lawsuits ignore Valisure's allegedly faulty testing methods

Wednesday, August 5, 2020 - More people are waking up every day to the fact that their cancer may have been caused by using Zantac, once a best-selling heartburn and acid reflux medicine, taken by over 15 million Americans every year over the last two decades. An ever-growing number of people seek guidance and help to file a claim from Zantac Cancer Lawyers looking for monetary compensation from Sanofi, the maker of Zantac, for failing to warn them of what they knew or were obligated to know about the medicine containing NDMA, a deadly cancer-causing substance. Lawsuits filed locally are being referred to Federal Court where they are being grouped into multi-district litigation (MDL) so as not to unnecessarily replicate certain pre-trial administrative procedures, the discovery process, expert and witness depositions, and most importantly, to examine the scientific evidence alleging Zantac (ranitidine) causes cancer. Multi-district litigation is not the same as a class-action lawsuit.

NDMA is a known carcinogen present in ranitidine, normally in safe amounts. Plaintiff attorneys theorized that storing Zantac at high temperatures can cause NDMA to accelerate to thousands of times more deadly than what the FDA deems acceptable, and also that NDMA becomes unstable when it interacts with nitrates in the stomach. Sanofi denies this claim and tells us that the testing methods used by online testing pharmacy Valisure, were done at very high temperatures and caused the increase in NDMA themselves. According to Scientific American, Valisure heats test samples to extreme, artificial temperature and unrealistic, artificial conditions within the human body. As I reported here recently, "Sanofi spokesperson Nicolas Kressmann told SA in an email: "Valisure only showed detectable NDMA after exposing ranitidine to extreme artificial conditions-when they heated ranitidine to 266 degrees Fahrenheit [130 degrees Celsius] or when they added artificial nitrite far beyond what is ordinarily seen in humans." The FDA has described Valisure's test as a potential reason for the NDMA to increase. "That method is not suitable for testing ranitidine because heating the sample generates NDMA," the FDA said in its Oct. 2 statement."

Lawsuits continue to be filed undeterred by the Sanofi's Zantac defense claims. It will be up to the courts to decide who is correct. Part of the MDL will no doubt contain a Daubert hearing were a Federal Judge will hear from experts from both sides and determine which may testify in court and which can not. Plaintiffs mostly claim that using Zantac regularly and for years caused them to develop stomach, bladder, esophageal, intestinal, colon, and an entire litany of other forms of cancer. Cancer has a ten to twenty-year latency period. One might expect thousands of cancer victims to come forward this year and for many years to come.

Earlier this year the US Food and Drug Administration recalled all bottles of ranitidine, including Sanofi's Zantac. The FDA recalled the medicine out of an abundance of caution so that the agency could conduct further tests to determine if it contained carcinogenic levels of NDMA.

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