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With all ranitidine banned in the US and most countries abroad, millions of people need a lifestyle change and legal help from doctors and lawyers respectively

Tuesday, October 6, 2020 - While Zantac was the best-selling and the most effective form of heartburn and acid reflux medicine before its April 1, 2020 recall, other companies have sold ranitidine right beside Sanofi. It is important to address their need for help implementing an alternative diet and lifestyle, and not just focus on the 15 million or more Americans that took Zantac and now may have cancer. Zantac users and those that used other brands of the now-banned ranitidine heartburn medicine, may which to consult a Zantac Cancer Lawyer to file a claim against Sanofi for failing to warn them of what they knew or had an obligation to know about ranitidine causing cancer.

With the global recall of every brand of ranitidine, online health websites are advising patients to take steps to alleviate their heartburn and acid reflux symptoms. You may be surprised at the differing advice that one website offers over another., for example, lists around 8 steps that everyone that can no longer get Zantac or another brand of ranitidine should consider. Their tips for managing heartburn and acid reflux symptoms include, "do not lie flat or bend over soon after eating, do not eat late at night, or just before bedtime, avoid certain foods or drinks that are more likely to cause heartburn, such as rich, spicy, fatty, and fried foods, chocolate, caffeine, alcohol, even some fruits, and vegetables, eat slowly and do not eat big meals, lose weight, quit smoking, raise the head of your bed, and wear loose-fitting clothing around your stomach."

The National Health Society in the UK recommends that patients who can no longer get Zantac implement the following lifestyle changes. "lose excess weight, do not eat foods that can make your symptoms worse, such as rich, spicy and fatty foods, and acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, salad dressings, and fizzy drinks, cut down on caffeinated drinks, such as tea, coffee, and cola, as well as alcohol and smoking, if you have symptoms at night, try not to eat for at least 3 hours before you go to bed, raise the head of your bed by 10 to 20cm, so your head and chest are higher than your waist."

Another of the most helpful of all websites, in my opinion, that I have visited for recommendations on making lifestyle changes to combat heartburn and acid reflux is lifestyle (LM). LM is comprised of a team of physicians that specifically address lifestyle and dietary changes as the best medicine to treat serious and life-threatening diseases and medical conditions. LM tells readers to make the following lifestyle changes to reduce symptoms of GERD. "Eat slow, chew food well, eat smaller meals, eat regularly and not less than 3 hrs before bedtime, decrease dietary fat, stop smoking, decrease caffeine and alcohol and carbonated drinks, and lose weight.

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