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Former Zantac Users Need To Exercise a Little Common Sense

It is up to the individual to take control of their health and not rely on drugs like the former Zantac and others for relief of heartburn and acid reflux

Wednesday, January 27, 2021 - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recalled all brand and generic forms of ranitidine (Zantac) over fears that the drug was inherently unstable and naturally breaks down to become cancer-causing. As of April 1, 2020, over 15 million Americans could no longer run to the drug store to pick up Zantac, nor was their doctors able to prescribe the drug to them any longer. Former Zantac users with cancer are hiring Zantac Cancer Lawyers to help them file a claim against the manufacturer of the antacid for allegedly failing to warn them about the cancer connection. Moreover, Zantac users are concerned that they may be unable to control their acid reflux and need advice more than just taking a pill.

Former Zantac users are urged to consider making drastic lifestyle changes to combat heartburn, acid reflux, and gastrointestinal disease that could lead to cancer. Doctors recommend changing one's diet as being the most important of all. WebMD tells readers that former Zantac users implement several common-sense changes to get healthier and feel better. Doctors at WebMD recommend: "Don't go to bed with a full stomach. Eat meals at least 2 to 3 hours before lying down. Don't overeat. Eat smaller portions at mealtimes, or try to eat four to five small meals instead of three big ones. Eat slowly. Take time to eat. Other changes one should consider include eliminating acidic foods that contain too much salt, spice, and pepper, and avoid acidic fruit like lemons and oranges. Avoid all processed meats as they contain very high salt levels and many inorganic chemical preservatives. Try and eat only organic meats like chicken and beef. Try and avoid eating out whenever possible as most restaurant chefs cook with a high amount of oil and salt. If you must eat out try ordering several vegetable side dishes and request that they be cooked without oil, butter, or salt. Eating more vegetables will not only lead to less heartburn and indigestion, but it will also improve one's energy level and make exercise easier. In addition to changing one's diet, starting a beginner exercise program can also lead to the health benefit of building more muscle and decreasing one's fat percentage and overall weight. Start by just walking 15 minutes per day and increasing the time by about 5 minutes every week. But in the end, do not forget that the most important of all dietary changes is to control one's appetite and eat less.

Unfortunately for some, changing diet and lifestyle may not bring the desired heartburn and acid reflux relief. The esophageal sphincter may have been permanently damaged. The esophageal sphincter is a one-way valve that sits on top of the stomach and separates it from the esophagus keeps dangerous stomach acid from rising into the esophagus, throat, mouth, and other areas. If left unchecked, rising stomach acid can cause cancer as it gradually burns the delicate tissues of these organs. The stomach has a protective lining that prevents burning while stomach acids dissolve the foods we eat.

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