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Zantac Users Have Alternative Treatments That Diabetics and Others May Not

The FDA may not be able to issue a drug recall because creating a shortage of the drug might harm more people than the drug defect itself

Saturday, August 29, 2020 - It seems like every month over-the-counter, or prescription drugs are in trouble for having elevated levels of NDMA, a cancer-causing substance. First, it was blood pressure medications, followed by ranitidine, and then metformin, the go-to drug for treating type2 diabetes. The FDA has now found dangerously high levels of NDMA in two generic tuberculosis drugs. The government will not recall the product as doing so may create a shortage that could lead to a new tuberculosis epidemic. The US FDA told consumers, according to Fierce, "Despite finding elevated levels of possible carcinogens in tuberculosis meds rifampin and rifapentine, the FDA will not request a withdrawal from the U.S. shelves over fears a recall would cause a supply shortage."

People that are suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and tuberculosis do not have a choice whether or not to take their medication because failing to take it could be life-threatening. Taking anti-heartburn and acid reflux medications like Zantac, on the other hand, could be classified as optional. When it comes to deciding whether to take Zantac, most cases of acid indigestion could be controlled by practicing a healthier, plant-centered diet, and reducing stress. Diabetic, blood pressure and tuberculosis patients that can no longer get their prescription medication are in a life-threatening situation should consult their doctors immediately for alternatives and options. FDA drug recalls could create shortages that may cause more harm to the patient's health than the drug itself.

Zantac was tested and found to contain thousands of times more NDMA than the FDA considers safe. Sanofi, the maker of Zantac and recipient of tens of thousands of Zantac cancer lawsuits, and the FDA removed the product from the market and warned consumers to throw unused portions in the garbage. Unlike patients suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, and tuberculosis, Zantac patients had many options to choose from to replace their recalled medicine. For them, the recall was more of an inconvenience than anything. What is important for Zantac users is to find out whether or not they have developed Zantac cancer of the stomach, bladder, or another vital organ from repeatedly using the drug. Thousands of Zantac users that have developed cancer of the stomach, bladder, intestines, esophagus, colon, breast, or another type of cancer and have used Zantac are hiring a Zantac Cancer Lawyer to determine if they have a cause to file a claim.

The FDA is developing testing methods to identify drugs that may contain carcinogens like NDMA. Last year, online drug testing pharmacy Valisure rocked the drug industry when it discovered elevated levels of NDMA in Zantac tablets and immediately notified the FDA which had done nothing up until that point in time. Valisure is committed to testing prescription drugs to make sure that they are pure and the company now performs a "carcinogen analysis."

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