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Zantac Prostate Cancer Has Men That Used Zantac Worried

Zantac may be more likely to blame for prostate cancer than spicey foods and processed meats

Monday, September 7, 2020 - For years, doctors have blamed processed, spicey deli meats for causing prostate cancer in men. All that time, however, the cancer culprit may have been the medicine doctors recommended for heartburn caused by eating them. Men who have taken the heartburn and acid reflux medication Zantac for heartburn caused by eating processed meats may have developed prostate cancer from regularly using the medicine for an extended period. Researchers fear that Zantac's interaction with nitrites, preservatives in processed meats, could cause NDMA, nitrosimine, to increase to many thousands of times more than the FDA's acceptable limit and cause prostate cancer.

According to Mayo Clinic, "Prostate cancer is cancer that occurs in the prostate - a small walnut-shaped gland in men that produces the seminal fluid that nourishes and transports sperm." Prostate cancer is one of the most feared types of cancer by men aged 50 and above. Treating prostate cancer involves removing the prostate gland which terminates a man's ability to achieve an erection, putting an immediate end to a traditional sexual relationship.

Men need to be concerned that Zantac Prostate cancer may be in its early stages and the symptoms not apparent. Prostate cancer like others has a multi-year latency period when a person has the disease but does not yet know it. It is for that reason that many people let their Zantac prostate cancer go untreated for so long that it spreads to other organs through the bloodstream and becomes difficult to stop without highly toxic chemotherapy. Early diagnosis allows oncologists to target the local cancer cells with radiation and surgically remove them, and stop the spread. encourages men that used Zantac in the past to monitor for the following signs that they may have developed prostate cancer: Frequent urination, weak or interrupted urine flow or the need to strain to empty the bladder, the urge to urinate frequently at night, blood in the urine or seminal fluid, erectile dysfunction and finally pain or burning during urination.

Men with prostate cancer have hired Zantac Prostate Cancer Lawyers and filed personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits seeking monetary compensation for loss of income, reimbursement of medical expenses, and punitive damages for pain and suffering. If the plaintiff in a Zantac cancer lawsuit has died, the deceased's loved ones can file a claim on behalf of the plaintiff's estate.

Law firms around the country have published clients that have filed a Zantac Prostate Cancer lawsuit against French pharmaceutical company Sanofi, the maker of Zantac. Zantac (ranitidine) was the world's best-selling brand of antacid before being recalled by the FDA earlier in the year over cancer concerns. About recently published the details of a Zantac Cancer lawsuits filed by a man with prostate cancer in the US state of Florida. " Plaintiff Jack Rhoda indicates that he developed prostate cancer in 2019, after using Zantac for more than eight years. The lawsuit names Sanofi, Sanofi-Aventis, Chattem, Inc, and Boehringer Ingelheim as defendants, claiming that the drug makers knew or should have known for decades that Zantac exposed users to N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a known carcinogen."

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