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Tens Of Millions of Zantac Users May Develop Cancer

Plaintiffs are looking for answers from private medical and scientific experts, not the FDA or Sanofi

Wednesday, October 7, 2020 - Over 15 million Americans were using the anti-heartburn and acid reflux medicine ranitidine, also known as Zantac before a cancer scare forced the FDA to recall the drug from the market in the US. Health authorities in the European Union have also pulled the product and the other day reaffirmed their decision to do so. Government and private health institutes are trying to get to the bottom of why levels of NDMA have increased over one thousand-fold when exposed to higher than normal temperatures. Others are investigating the interaction between NDMA and stomach acids when a person has consumed processed meats. Still, other investigations are underway looking at China's drug processing facilities as the possible source of the contamination. Whatever the source, it is a sure bet that it will be quite sometime before heartburn medicines like Zantac return to the market if they ever return at all. If you or a loved one have taken Zantac and have developed cancer, you should contact a Zantac Cancer Lawyer to help you file a claim for monetary damages and pain and suffering.

Sanofi, the maker of Zantac, is being investigated by the US Department of Justice for lying to regulators about what they were required to know about Zantac NDMA cancer. Tens of thousands of cancer sufferers are expected to soon file lawsuits claiming that regularly taking Zantac caused their cancer of the stomach, or bladder, esophagus, intestines, colon, prostate, and breast. Because of cancer's 10-plus year latency period, Zantac cancer plaintiffs may continue to come forward for decades. Thousands of plaintiffs have been organized around the country into smaller groups in multidistrict litigation (MDL) to avoid unnecessarily replicating scientific Zantac testimony and other repetitive administrative proceedings. Bellweather trials will be starting soon intending to establish a president that will encourage the defendant to offer a settlement rather than tie up the court system resources for years. Such a settlement was reached just yesterday when about 1000 women were offered $100 million from global health care and beauty product giant Johnson & Johson for cancer that was allegedly caused by using Johnson's Baby Powder. Multidistrict litigation is not the same as a class action lawsuit, and each plaintiff's case is tried individually.

Sanofi is accused of failing to warn its customers about elevated and potentially carcinogenic levels of NDMA in Zantac dating back over a decade. Over 100 million people could have developed one form of cancer or another as they assumed that the FDA had tested the drug and that it was safe. On the contrary, the FDA and Sanofi knew for over a decade after FDA approval that Zantac capsules contained a naturally-occurring carcinogen called NDMA. The company knew NDMA was a by-product of producing rocket fuel and also was being used by scientists to rapidly-induce cancer tumors in laboratory test animals. The FDA determined, however, that NDMA consumed at low levels of 96 nanograms per capsule or less was acceptable. In 2019, online drug testing pharmacy Valisure found levels of NDMA thousands of times greater and immediately notified Sanofi and the FDA by way of a citizen's petition.

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