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NDMA Is In The Water, Soil, and Air

A perfect storm of chemicals, contaminants, and conditions may have caused NDMA to skyrocket in Zantac

Monday, April 19, 2021 - N-Nitrosodimethylamine is fast becoming the world's most notorious killer. The deadly chemical was discovered in dangerous levels in Zantac (ranitidine), the best-selling brand of heartburn and acid reflux medicine, leading to a Zantac recall and thousands of antacid cancer lawsuits. No one knows for sure how the carcinogen was allowed to expand and develop within ranitidine capsules, but it also was found in high levels in capsules taken to manage high blood pressure and to help control type-2 diabetes. The possible reasons for the increase in NDMA are storing medicine at higher than normal temperatures, the drug's interaction with nitrates in the stomach, and also overseas manufacturing sources in China and India could be to blame. Most likely all three sources have contributed to creating a perfect storm and, as online prescription drug testing pharmacy Valisure likes to say, caused NDMA to skyrocket to levels that are orders of magnitude greater than the 96NGS per capsule limit set by the Food and Drug Administration. NDMA is a common molecule, however, and there are many other sources to which people should be concerned.

According to scientific reports, NDMA is produced by water treatment and chlorination facilities in safe levels in the tap water servicing every American home. Once contaminated, it is impossible to remove NDMA from drinking water or the soil as NDMA is not biodegradable and cannot be removed from water by absorption with charcoal or reverse osmosis. Sodium nitrite used to cure and preserve meat also contains dangerous levels of NDMA. Wikipedia tells us that the third source of NDMA is as a byproduct of rocket fuel and that the groundwater near rocket launch sites has high levels of NDMA. NDMA has been used to induce tumors in laboratory test animals, specifically in the liver of rats.

NDMA has been a known carcinogen for several decades. In a paper published in Science Direct in 1991, scientists determined that representatives of the N-Nitrosimine class of which NDMA is one are carcinogenic in most high-level animal test subjects. "N-Nitroso compounds can induce cancer in experimental animals. Some representative compounds of this class induce cancer in at least 40 different animal species including higher primates." Scientists testing NDMA concluded that "Extensive experimental, and some epidemiological data suggest that humans are susceptible to carcinogenesis by N-nitroso compounds and that the presence of these compounds in some foods may be regarded as an aetiological risk factor for certain human cancers including cancers of the esophagus, stomach, and nasopharynx." Sanofi and GlaxoSmithKline, the makers of Zantac, are currently under Department of Justice (DOJ) investigation for allegedly lying to government regulators about their knowledge of how ranitidine is inherently unstable and could degrade into carcinogenic levels of NDMA under certain conditions. Former Zantac users with cancer allege to have developed the deadly disease by taking Zantac and that the two companies had an obligation to warn them of the risk.

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