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Zantac Cancer Registrants Exceed 150,000 As Per The Judge's Latest Pretrial Guidance

Case selection is about to begin that will set the stage for more than 150000 potential Zantac cancer lawsuits or promote a speedy settlement

Friday, December 10, 2021 - Close to 150,000 people have registered their intent to file a heartburn medicine cancer lawsuit against Sanofi Inc., and others involved in the manufacturing and distribution of Zantac heartburn and acid reflux medicine. The cases have been grouped into multidistrict litigation in Florida with Judge Robin Rosenberg presiding. Multidistrict litigation is not a class-action lawsuit and us used to avoid the costly and time-consuming duplication of administrative court proceedings, and to interview experts about the complex science that underlies the plaintiff's claims. Judge Rosenberg has been administering the duties for both the plaintiff attorneys and the defense in a series of pretrial orders that are published online for the sake of total transparency. The most recent order is exciting in that it sets a deadline for both sides to air their objections to what the other's expert witnesses claim to support their case, and to set a deadline for the first bellwether trials to begin. Scientific expert witnesses will be limited to only those that Judge Rosenberg decides pass muster after what could be six months or a year of further research and deliberation. The judge wrote, "This Order sets forth initial procedures to prepare for the selection of the cases that will proceed to personal injury bellwether trials in this multi-district litigation ("MDL"). This Order provides the steps that shall take place (before) the Court issuing rulings on Daubert motions on general causation. Following those rulings, the Court expects that it will, with the parties' input, issue a second Order providing additional procedures and deadlines leading to the beginning of the first bellwether trial." Many expect that plaintiffs will look to the testimony of David Light, the CEO of online prescription drug testing pharmacy Valisure. Valisure was the company that tested ranitidine for the presence of NDMA and found levels to be orders of magnitude greater than the 96 nanograms per tablet that the FDA deemed safe. The defense will be looking towards those scientists working with the Food and Drug Administration who think that ranitidine was overheated by the testing procedure that Valisure used, and that ranitidine is not an inherently unstable molecule.

More than 1800 Zantac lawsuits have been submitted to the MDL judge for consideration in the pool of cases that will be the first to go to trial. If you have not yet filed a Zantac cancer claim and wish to be considered you should contact a Zantac cancer lawyer for help in that regard. The latest pretrial guidance tells us that more than 150,000 individuals with specific types of cancer like stomach, bladder, prostate, colon, esophagus, and breast cancer intend to seek lump-sum monetary damages. The cases selected will be in Florida where the MDL is headquartered, and where many Zantac cancer plaintiffs reside, avoiding challenges to the court's right to change the state of venue for the defendant. As per the pretrial order, the court may then subpoena Florida witnesses.

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